ROYL is a collection of luxury wardrobe staples that provide supreme comfort without sacrificing style. When worn together, the total outfit takes the stress out of dressing chic and comfortably. As well, mixing ROYL with your existing wardrobe elevates your daily uniform perfectly.

Located in the heart of New York City’s Garment District, every ROYL piece is drawn, designed and manufactured with considered detail. In the tireless pursuit of the most flattering fit with the ultimate in comfort, the brand employs the highest quality fabric (including Italy’s Loro Piana) and meticulous craftsmanship. From the sewing room, to the showroom, to the fulfillment center, ROYL has a small footprint that allows for a highly dynamic design process, while no detail is overlooked to save time or money.

Rachel Rodin, the founder of ROYL, was raised in Texas by physician parents. Her mother would see patients, teach medical school and shuttle Rachel and her two brothers around, Monday through Friday. On weekends, Rachel’s mother would take to her sewing room. Rachel was able to learn everything from fit and fabric, to more importantly what luxury looked like in fashion. Together, they would often go to Saks Fifth Avenue, feeling the designer pieces, examining the stitching and finishing, noting what was done well and worth the high price tag, and what wasn’t.

ROYL is Rachel’s output culminating from those weekends, the translation of luxury into clothing with the right fabrics and tailoring. ROYL stands for a new type of experience where one shops smarter, buys less and wears often.

Hailed as “the most luxurious throw-on-and-go clothes you have ever seen” by Vogue, ROYL has been described by fashion editors as “easy-yet-elevated pieces, that are comfortable enough to wear all day but that you still want to keep on when you walk through the door when you get home. The luxe pieces float over the body and are meant to exist as cohesive layers to be dressed up or down.”

Breaking away from fashion’s seasonal constraints, ROYL believes in layering a variety of fabric weights and being ready for a multitude of temperatures that can happen on a single day (particularly when traveling). While some pieces are loose flowing, others with a more tailored fit have a buttery soft feel on the skin and come in fabrics such as ultralight cashmere, which provides warmth without the bulk.
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